Why did I start this blog ( and YouTube Channel)

There is one thing that intrigues me: the relationship between us humans and the work we do. What we do as “work” and “hobby” to a large extend shapes who we are, and “work” takes up a much larger proportion because of the huge amount of time we allocate to it.

How Important is work to us?

When we meet an old friend, if we ask “how are you”, 90% of what follows the “Good” or “Not so good” is related to work. And when we meet a new acquaintance, if we ask “tell me more about you”, 99% of what follows is related to work.

This shows just how much we allow work to shape our mood and define our social identity. Not only that, it deeply affects our sense of self-worth and determines our sense of fulfillment in life.

I realized this when I was working as a headhunter. I took great pleasure in helping my candidates become more confident, better equipped to seize good opportunities, and make the career transition they desired. This passion led me to continue providing career coaching services to people in my spare time, for the last few years.

And I totally resonate with all the “soul searchers” as it is also the case in my own experience. I have been leading not a dual life but a “Triple” life: beyond having a good career in highly reputable Fintech companies , I was also a career coach and an award-winning fiction writer. As much as I am still enthusiastic about the ever-changing ever-dynamic Fintech and digital space, I felt that I needed a rebalance in what I do.

“If I must give three keywords of my life, what are they?”

Then one day when I was running, a question suddenly surfaced. “If I must give three keywords of my life, what are they?” The answer suddenly became obvious that I needed to integrate these keywords in my life in a way working best for me.

Reshuffling my top keywords gives me this: “Be a career coach who writes and talks about career, digital & fintech“.

So here I am, embarking on this new journey.

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 Yolanda is a certified transformational coach, entrepreneur, and multi-award-winning writer. She holds an MBA from INSEAD, served director/VP level BD roles in Fortune 500 MNCs and tech unicorns. 

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