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An executive coach based in Singapore, Yolanda is highly recommended by many senior and emerging leaders in Fortune 500 technology MNCs like Google, Meta, Amazon, and LinkedIn. She is also a leadership coach at INSEAD Business School.

Bringing 20 years of diverse experience in ecommerce, Financial Technology, start-up, and entrepreneurship, Yolanda has held Regional Director roles in Mastercard and Visa, led commercial M&A for Alibaba-Lazada, and headed helloPay, a Fintech start-up now part of Ant Financial. Yolanda holds an MBA from INSEAD Business School.

Yolanda has worked with senior clients to challenge limiting self-belief, let go of perfectionism, transit into senior leadership roles, find authentic leadership style, and develop strategic mindset.

Executive Coach Leadership Coach Yolanda Yu
Rizwan Hazarika, Chief Digital Officer, Constellar
Yolanda is an outstanding listener, she doesn’t prescribe or direct. She lets you open up and discover yourself. Think of her as the one who holds up the mirror to you and from time to time she polishes the surface so you can see clearly. Thank you Yolanda, I highly recommend you to others who can benefit from you.
Daniel Torres, Chief Commercial Officer
Yolanda, has been an amazing guide and coach on both personal and professional matters. She creates a plan to your needs, aligns to your objectives and goals, and asks the right questions for you to think about. You get so much out of every session. I highly recommend her services.
Michael Zankel, Regional Director East Asia/Oceania, Gebrüder Weiss
Coaching sessions with Yolanda were not only enjoyable and inspiring, but also most powerful. Every single meeting helped me shift my mind to find helpful solutions to my challenges. I can only highly recommend Yolanda as an Executive Coach.
Juliette, Global Editorial Leader, Travel Tech
Yolanda is an inspiring executive coach. She is an exceptional listener, and is skilled at supporting clients to find their true leadership style by uncovering thought patterns that may be blocking progress. I have gained insightful revelations and freeing new perspectives that helped me identify and access untapped skills under Yolanda's focused, passionate and, at times, philosophical approach to supporting leaders.
James Teh, Head of Commerce Partnerships, Google
I benefited tremendously from the coaching sessions with Yolanda as she helped me reframe the way I think and approach my career. It is certainly not easy to achieve a breakthrough but her clear and firm approach led to developing my inner strengths and intuition that I can rely on to tackle future challenges as well. This powerful perspective helped me look at challenges as new opportunities for growth.
Huixia See Toh, Deputy Director, AWWA
Yolanda has been very helpful in this journey to self discovery and growth. Through very sharp questions and reflections she provided a space for me to step back and evaluate my thoughts processes, helping me to notice my blind spots. We used a lot of metaphors and imageries to concretise some of my discoveries. It was particularly impressive as she always manages to find an image to describe the irony of some beliefs I have been holding that were clearly unhelpful to my growth.
Maria Merchant, Senior UX, Zynga
Yolanda is the kind of coach that will widen your perspective to an extent that you never deemed it possible to know in such a short period of time. With her cleverly crafted questions, she challenges one to think beyond, think harder that eventually really polishes the mind and creates a new mindset. She has personally helped me a great deal in being more self-aware and more confident to put wisdom into practice. Yolanda is a force and an inspiration. More power to you Coach!

Executive Coaching in Singapore

Curiosity: My executive coaching clients appreciate the trusted space I hold and the childlike curiosity I demonstrate for them, allowing them to learn and experiment freely.



Creativity: Many remember the vivid imagery and metaphors I brought, often years after our executive coaching engagement. It is my unique trait as a published writer (Penguin Random House, Oct 2022) and poet.



Structure: I am extremely adept at identifying existing mental models and reframing them on the fly. Executives often find my coaching questions to powerful and thought-provoking thanks to the simple structure.



My motto: “You are beyond powerful.

Leadership Coaching

Many of my executive clients have told me that the coaching space is so precious because “they can’t truly be heard elsewhere.” What they mean is a place to hear and see themselves. 

Executive coaching with me is a partnership between us. Our job is to “hear” and “see” you. 

I’m here to acknowledge your emotions, unlock the potential of your mind, and open your eyes to growth opportunities. You will gain self-awareness and elevate to a positive and conducive mind state.

Executive Career Development

The more senior you have progressed to in your career, the more difficult change seems to be: fewer opportunities, longer job search cycles, and more sacrifices when you move on. 

Half of this is reality, the other half is your perception.

In our executive coaching sessions, you will learn how to navigate the complexity of your organization and the necessary toolkits for seeding and securing internal opportunities. I will also act as a roleplay specialist who readies you for important conversations and meetings with senior stakeholders.

Impression Management

Working with board members and C-level executives can be dicey. Executives may seem mysterious and unpredictable, which may trigger anxiety within newly promoted executives. Not to mention those who are new to the game and occasionally interact with this caliber.


I coach my clients to work through imposter syndrome and develop self-awareness, confidence, and presence.

New Leadership Onboarding

Congratulations for your new role! 


But the work doesn’t stop there; you’ve still got so much to do. The onboarding period is a time of transition. Inevitably, you’ll need to overcome feelings of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and anxiety. Many new to “Do I look like a leader?” 


In my executive coaching sessions, I will help you overcome an identity crisis as you learn to embrace your new role fully. With my experience of working with world leaders, you can enjoy a transition to your new management role with relative ease.


We often hear the words “Burnout“, “Exhausted“, and “Work-life-Balance“. Yet many people complain that they are unable to even slow down at work.

The reason for this could be an apparent loss of control. Too many times, our bodies are enslaved by the brain, as we hustle hard to meet deadlines and gain achievements. 

A coaching journey with me is all about taking a pause to look at life’s garden and adequately address the emotions and anxiety lurking in our unconsciousness, so that they will finally leave us to blossom.

Conflict Management & Negotiation

Do you absolutely dislike hearing the names of certain people at work? Or do you often feel angry or frustrated when dealing with someone? I can relate to how you feel. 

In the workplace, we come across many negative individuals who are fast-tempered, uncooperative, critical, you name it. 

It takes special skills and mindsets to handle conflicts. I can help you manage conflict at work, assert your interests, build lasting relationships, and most importantly, gain the recognition and compensation you deserve.

Female Leadership

As an Asian female, I know firsthand what it takes to be successful in corporate business. I believe every individual is unique and we host both feminine and masculine energy in us. It’s not about what men / women should do, but harnessing those energy and leading authentically. 

My professional experience working in diverse cultures means I respect the cultural context you work in and appreciate the difficulty for anyone to embody or dispute some of the societal values.

In my executive coaching sessions,  we work with “choice”. Considering your values and societal expectations, we evaluate the options you have and finally arrive at the risks and rewards that you can choose with conviction.

Brand Development

For senior executives or talent moving toward this path, your personal brand is the only thing that speaks for you. 

Look within. How do you see yourself? How do others see you? Knowing these answers can broaden your perspective on how you see others and the world. 

In executive coaching sessions with me, we will get down to the basics of who you are and what you represent, helping you sharpen your brand message and live your brand image consciously.

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