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You are unique. So are your context, whether you are navigating a career path, growing your own leadership style, building a world-class team, or tackling a challenging business situation. 


Seeing You in Your Context

My work is dedicated to seeing the uniqueness of You being in Your Context. 

I help you to clear blind spot, and generate self-awareness. By getting in touch with what truly matters to you and letting go of what not, you access your inner strengths and live your full potential

Coaching with Yolanda was the best gift I've ever given myself.

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An INSEAD MBA and an APAC Business Leader in top technology companies, Yolanda Yu is an established Executive Coach and Career Coach serving global clients, based out of Singapore.

In her 20 years of corporate experience, Yolanda served as Regional Director in Mastercard and Visa, led commercial M&A for AlibabaLazada, and headed helloPay, a Fintech start-up. 

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