“Yolanda’s coaching is powerful and effective.”

Yolanda’s coaching session definitely put me at ease and got me thinking more objectively about my own concerns, leading to finding solutions on my own while engaging with her. It’s powerful and effective.

Andrew Kwon. / Cofounder, Fintech firm

“Yolanda has exceptional listening skills, and her broad experience makes her questions and reflections absolutely on point.”

It only takes a few minutes to understand the value Yolanda brings as a coach. 

She has exceptional listening skills, and her broad experience makes her questions and reflections absolutely on point. She always finds great metaphors that resonate with me, and help me find new ways to approach important questions and decisions about my career. 

2020 was a tough year for my company, and the pandemic ended up opening many options for me (doubling down, moving on, etc.). Yolanda has helped me to map those options, and to consider how the different paths align with my long term vision. I would definitely recommend having a chat with Yolanda if you want to reflect on your career.

Daniel R. / CEO, Tech Firm

“This experience was life-transforming. It introduced me to the person within, whom I had always ignored.”

Yolanda is a superb coach who is very empathetic, intelligent, and articulate. I approached her for career discussions but our coaching conversations went beyond just career. 

Her coaching sessions were deeply reflective, tapping on my deeper consciousness, encouraging me to inquire about my personality traits, values, and beliefs behind my career choices and job suitability. This experience was life-transforming, to say the very least, and introduced me to the person within, who I had always ignored. This is the power of Yolanda’s coaching. 

Being an ex/ recruiter, successful corporate professional herself, she has this immense ability to connect the dots and guide one to completely novel and powerful perspectives. If you are looking for a career/life coach, look no further. I would definitely recommend Yolanda!!

Ankit Kedia / Senior Director, Tech, Consulting

“Through Yolanda’s coaching, I am more capable to take action, feeling more secure and relaxed.”

As we started the session, Yolanda mentioned that it sounded like I had ‘weaved’  uncertainties and questions in terms of my career development in one big mess- making that I was not enjoying spending any time on my job search at all, avoidant and stressed about finding the right job. 

In one hour, Yolanda was able to help me come up with simple steps for myself to take action on, while most importantly making me realize that I was making it a heavy and very serious task. 

Through her coaching I feel I am better capable to take action, feeling more secure and relaxed about the adventure of finding a new job. Would highly recommend a session with Yolanda.

Gerdien Velink / Head of Operations and Business Growth

“I find Yolanda’s questions very inspirational; it helps me to get to know myself.” 

Yolanda is my coach. I love the way she uses imagination and pictures to visualize and conceptualize the situations that I am facing. 

The approach is fun and it really helps me to isolate myself from the situation to look at things from a different perspective. I find her questions very inspirational; it helps me to get to know myself and my priorities better. Would definitely recommend Yolanda’s coaching sessions.

Lu / Vice President, Tech

“Through the sessions, I have better clarity of my career roadmap and setting goals to reach my career milestones.”

Yolanda has been my career coach since the start of 2021. And it has been a very fruitful and collaborative journey since. 

Yolanda is very friendly and approachable which makes sharing of problems/information much easier. By ensuring a safe space, I am able to share my values and personal problems which is linked to my career path and aspirations. During our consultations, she always probe me with the correct questions that steered me towards a deeper understanding of my thoughts. Through the sessions, I have better clarity of my career roadmap and setting goals to reach my career milestones. 

At the end of each session, she would be sharing valuable information from her own experiences or means of articles. The career coaching journey with her has been rewarding and I look forward to each session with her!

Bryan Lim, Innovation

“I managed to step out of my own trap and had better vision and action plan to work on.”

I really enjoyed the coaching sessions with Yolanda, I went in with lots of confusion about my current job, my future career, the potentially challenges I could be facing etc. Yolanda’s calm energy definitely helped and encouraged me to slow down and think more deeply throughout the session, I walked out of the first session with clearer vision, less stress and more things to look forward. 

The following few sessions were just as productive and helpful. at the end I managed to step out of my own trap and had better vision and action plan to work on. I highly recommend Yolanda and will continue working with her to achieve my desired career goal.

Cindy Liu / Sales & Marketing Manager

“I have become more intuitive in looking for positive changes in my life.”

Yolanda is intelligent, perceptive and engaging – these are qualities essential for making people open up during coaching sessions. She is a great listener, with a unique gift of framing specific situation or challenges into a simple, easy-to-understand way. This helps in guiding me think through potential solution(s). 

After 2 sessions, I am beginning to feel more aware of my ups and downs, my strengths and weaknesses. I have become more intuitive in looking for positive change in some areas of life. I would recommend anyone for a session with Yolanda.

FT Miao / Private Banker

Being able to tell stories that have a lot of either technical or business details in a format that is easier for listeners to digest, that’s the biggest learning for me. 

Hope Liu / Fintech Entrepreneur

I realized that I have more strengths I thought I have, and I have more skill sets as well, I didn’t realize until this session. I discovered that I can present my CV in a different way, so that whoever from a different industry can also understand my CV. And also that I can apply this skill set to a different industry. 

Amy Tay / Operations Support

Yolanda has a unique approach, marrying her strong business experience with great coaching and keen listening skills.

Yolanda was quick to identify the challenges I am facing, helping me to structure my thinking and build a plan of action. She also gave me great resume tips on strategically promoting my most valuable skill assets and getting noticed with my target employers.

CLAUDIO LAVECCHIA / Senior Manager, Aviation

I was impressed with Yolanda’s framework, methodology, thought process and coaching skills, especially the way she highlighted key issues and provided suggestions to tackle them.

I would definitely recommend Yolanda to anyone who is uncertain about their career path or seeking a mid-career change.

CLIVE DA COSTA / Chartered Engineer, OIL & GAS

The session is indeed very helpful. After our session, I changed the format of my resume and I almost immediately got called up for an interview with a recruiter.

Thomas **O / Entrepreneur

Yolanda demonstrates a keen understanding in navigating the job seeking minefield. Her analytical and methodical approach in building an impactful and relevant resume, is easy to follow and execute.

Her knack for bridging sizable gaps in seemingly unrelated roles is something to behold, and I couldn’t be more grateful for her invaluable advice and insights.

NATALIA **A / Marketing & Communications

Yolanda had a coach session to guide me how to make proper CV recently. I am impressed remarkably by her knowledge and professional. I fully believe her advices can help me find new opportunities. I strongly recommend her.

QIN JINSONG / Group Project Engineer

Yolanda was kind enough to help me polish up my CV. She quickly got to the crux of the issues and gave concise and actionable feedback, which I found extremely useful!”

Sham *z / Digital

Client Background

Goldman Sachs

The Best Preparation is Over-Preparation

I sought Yolanda’s expertise to craft a compelling interview closing statement and obtained more than that. Her unbiased attention and insightful questions aim to identify the best aspects of your professional experience and position them in the most attractive way to your prospective employer.

MARIA AYER / E-commerce

I worked closely with Yolanda to transition from a consulting role to start up. She has been very helpful in
1) guiding me to uncover transferrable skills from my previous achievements
2) giving me new perspectives in potential roles that I can apply to and
3) advising how best to frame my story/ motivation for my career moves.

Thanks to Yolanda I landed a new role in a renowned consumer tech company. I’d highly recommend Yolanda’s career coaching service to everyone especially for MBA or those who wants to switch industries.

JOHNSON TSANG / Strategy, Consulting

II have attended one of the coaching sessions with Yolanda. She provided a remarkably valuable session with me. Her great knowledge has displayed excellent advices. I am particularly impressed with Yolanda in her experience and knowledge. It was a great pleasure to know her.

As a coach, Yolanda earns my highest recommendation.

CLAIRE OH / Business Development, Fintech

It is no exaggeration to say that Yolanda is like beacons blazing into the darkness guiding me to my next step of career adventure. She has broad experience in various industries and an impressive set of coaching methods. After several conversations with her, I became fully aware of my strength and weakness. Most importantly, I found my career goal in consulting.

Yolanda helped me to stay focused and positive throughout the job-seeking period. I could not be more grateful when I nailed the last round of interview and finally landed a full-time position.

I would give my highest recommendation for Yolanda to be your career coach that can help you land the dream offer.

LEE / Education & Healthcare

Your suggestions were a gust of fresh wind that made me think outside of the box and helped change my way of thinking. Really grateful to you!

ARA *G / Consulting

I was feeling down and challenged due to the situation of retrenchment and pandemic affecting my life. I was impressed by Yolanda’s knowledge, professionalism and sincerity in helping and guiding me to continue pushing myself and never giving up. I truly believe her advice has helped me to become stronger and overcome the situation.

I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to guide you in your career path, giving you an advice or just someone to speak to when you are lost and unsure.
Yolanda can be a great guide to your next big break.

LIONEL WONG / Sr. Project Manager, Marketing