An INSEAD MBA and an APAC Business Leader in various leading technology companies, Yolanda Yu is an established Executive Coach and Career Coach serving global clients, based out of Singapore.


In her 20 years of professional experience prior to becoming a Coach, Yolanda served as Regional Director in Mastercard and Visa, led commercial M&A for Alibaba–Lazada, and headed helloPay, a Fintech start-up now part of Ant Financial. A professional recruiter in her earlier career, Yolanda was also an HR SaaS solution consultant and a start-up owner.  


Yolanda delivers executive leadership coaching to create sustainable changes in individuals and organizations. She is a highly recommended coach by many senior and emerging leaders in Fortune 500 technology MNCs like Google, Meta, Amazon, and LinkedIn. She is also a leadership coach at INSEAD Business School.


A poet, fiction-writer, Yolanda has recently co-authored her first non-fiction book with Shivaji Das, published by Penguin Random House. 

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