An INSEAD MBA and an APAC Business Leader in various leading technology companies, Yolanda Yu is an established Executive Coach and Career Coach serving global clients, based out of Singapore.


In her 20 years of professional experience prior to becoming a Coach, Yolanda served as Regional Director in Mastercard and Visa, led commercial M&A for Alibaba–Lazada, and headed helloPay, a Fintech start-up now part of Ant Financial. A professional recruiter in her earlier career, Yolanda was also an HR SaaS solution consultant and a start-up owner.  


Yolanda delivers executive leadership coaching to create sustainable changes in individuals and organizations. She is a highly recommended coach by many senior and emerging leaders in Fortune 500 technology MNCs like Google, Meta, Amazon, and LinkedIn. She is also a leadership coach at INSEAD Business School.


A poet, fiction-writer, Yolanda is also a two-time author published with Penguin Random House. 

Executive Coach Leadership Coach Yolanda Yu


Executive Coaching Methodologies

Transformative coaching

A deep, insight-driven approach that facilitates lasting change by shifting how individuals think, feel, and act. Yolanda is a trained Master Coach in Transformative Coaching.

Systemic Coaching

Rather than focusing solely on the individual, systemic coaching focuses on your relationship with the complex and dynamic larger system, in a holistic approach. Yolanda’s qualifications include Systemic Team Coaching and Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching.

Feedback Coaching

A data-driven approach leveraging assessment, data, 360 feedback, and/or stakeholder interviews to heighten awareness and drive actionable insights. Yolanda is trained on over ten types of feedback instruments.


Somatic Coaching (theatre methods)

A powerful approach that helps to embody new insights and release old patterns. The use of innovative theatre methods provides access to the body as a key source of wisdom and transformation. Yolanda has undergone trainings in improvisational acting and psychodrama.


Career Coaching Assets

Strategic Insight from Diverse Business Experience  

With over 20 years of experience, I’ve collaborated with C-level executives, led multimillion-dollar projects, and engaged with high-stakes clients globally. My broad exposure across the Asia Pacific enhances my ability to offer strategic insights, helping clients align their career goals with the larger economic and commercial landscape.

Break Mental Barriers with Executive Coaching

Career transitions offer prime opportunities for personal growth. Using executive coaching techniques, I create a supportive space for you to reflect, learn from past experiences, and move forward with greater clarity and conviction.

Practical Advice From a Former Headhunter

I offer concrete guidance and best practices for job searches, coaching you to handle tough interview questions and negotiate various job offers effectively.

Experienced Jobseeker and Changemaker

I changed paths seven times: from a Software Engineer to Sales, Entrepreneur, MBA, and Business Leader in tech companies. I have since worked with thousands of people to master their career change journey. My personal experience enables me to be fully attuned to the challenges and barriers you might encounter amidst a career change.

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Storytelling Techniques from A Fiction Writer and Two-Time Penguin Author

My passion for storytelling began in the realm of fiction and poetry, where I explored imagined worlds. However, I soon discovered that real-life stories were much more captivating.


As a coach, I work with corporate executives to craft compelling narratives about their lives. My experience extends beyond the corporate world; in my two non-fiction books published by Penguin, I interviewed cleaners, construction workers, domestic helpers, and Indian-Chinese couples, to bring the diverse human experiences to the world through storytelling.


This extensive background enables my clients not only to tell their stories authentically and impactfully but also to master storytelling techniques. These skills prove invaluable in corporate presentations and other work settings, allowing them to communicate with confidence, authenticity, and a distinctive flair.



Rebels, Traitors, Peacemakers, True stories of Love and Conflict in Indian-Chinese Relationships (ISBN: 9789815127140, Jan 2024, Penguin Random House)

The Visible Invisibles, Stories of Migrant Workers in Asia (ISBN: 9789815017786, Nov 2022, Penguin Random House)

Neighbour’s Luck (ISBN: 9789811192760, Nov 2018, Maths Paper Press)



Finalist, Singapore Literature Prize 2020

First Prize, Short Stories, Golden point award 2017

Second Prize, Poetry, Golden point award 2015

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