Reinvent Your Leadership System
Leadership is a manifestation of our inner system – how we relate to our physical and emotional self, to other people and the systems that we are part of.

Through upgrading this system, we get to shift our behaviors, presence, and our influence on others.

Yolanda’s PERSoN™ coaching framework addresses four leadership capacities in integration:
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Physical Quotient 


Emotional Quotient


Relational Quotient 


Systemic Quotient 

Yolanda helped me to become a better leader through a deep transformation on my system.

Grow Your Executive Presence

Find the key to unlocking your best energy even in high-stake environments like the board room. By developing your Physical Quotient (PQ) and EQ, you will become more confident, assertive, and grounded in your authentic self.

Sharpen Your Strategic Thinking

Gain clarity on your thinking, decision-making, and risk-taking patterns. Systemic Quotient (SQ) training with real-time feedback helps you become a decisive leader capable of taking calculated risks.

Motivate, Influence, Negotiate

Enhance your Relationship Quotient (RQ) to understand and manage your interpersonal tendencies. Expand your influencing styles to better motivate others, get promoted, and excel in negotiation and conflict management. 

Leadership Transition & Onboarding

Yolanda’s leadership transition coaching integrates all four quotients, supporting you to adapt to new environments and embrace your evolving identity. 


Co-design your 1:1 coaching program with Yolanda

Customize length, structure, focus area, and methods

Tech-to-Top bootcamp

Learn in a small group setting with peer support.

  • Learn essential management skills
  • Improve executive presence
  • Beef up communication and influence
  • Navigate politics and get promoted

For tech or functional leads ready for general management.
What People Say
Coaching with Yolanda is one of my highest ROI activities, offering value far exceeding my expectations.

Natu Lauchande, CTO, Credrails

…I become a more efficient and empathetic leader. It happened through a deep transformation on my presence.

Gangadhar Balikai, VP, Commerz Bank

Her clear and firm approach led to developing my inner strengths and intuition…

James Teh, Head of Commerce Partnerships, Google

I have gained insights about myself and have found a newfound clarity when making career decisions.

Jessie Saw, Head of Client Services, HSBC

…life-transforming, and introduced me to the person within…

Ankit Kedia, Global Head of Sales,

Experienced much personal growth and mindset change which will serve me for the rest of my life, wherever I am.
Rosanne, Account Manager, Fintech
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Key Methodologies

Transformative coaching

A deep, insight-driven approach that facilitates lasting change by shifting how individuals think, feel, and act. 

Systemic Coaching

Rather than focusing solely on the individual, systemic coaching focuses on your relationship with the complex and dynamic larger system.

Feedback Coaching

A data-driven approach leveraging assessments, 360 feedback, and other data to heighten awareness and drive actionable insights. 

Somatic Coaching (theatre methods)

A dynamic approach powerful for embodying new insights and releasing old patterns. Innovative theatre methods enable access to the body as a key source of wisdom and transformation. 


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