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Why am I behaving/feeling this way though I believe something else? Coaching can help you to gain clarity of what's going on, dissolve stress, get unstuck, and align your actions with beliefs.


Subconsciously, our thinking, feeling, and action planning activities can mix up and make things complex. Coaching does exceptionally well to help you be present and focus on what matters.


Have you felt you have become stuck and need some strength to get moving again? Since you are on this page, it's great that you are taking the first step. Coaching can help you to access the wealth of your inner strength.

Transformative Coaching

“Sustainable changes need to be initiated from within” is a core belief of Transformative Coaching. This coaching method believes in tapping on the client’s strengths, with the coach facilitating and guiding the client’s inner journey to gain clarity, focus, and take meaningful steps forward for a more fulfilling life.


I reside in Singapore but work with clients worldwide thanks to modern technology. A significant percentage of my clients are from the Asia Pacific, e.g., Australia, India, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. Some are from the US and Europe.


As a coach certified by International Coach Federation (ICF), I adhere to the ICF ethics code and guidelines, keeping all coaching conversations confidential.

Before we commence with coaching, I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone session to get acquainted and establish whether I am the right person to assist you.





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Habit Building

Why habits are important: 


Productivity: any significant achievements must be delivered through repeated, consistent actions.  


Energy Management: bad habits can drain your energy bit by bit, which adds up to an enormous sum.  


Yet habits are challenging to build. And often, people say, “I know I should exercise regularly, but…”, “I know I should not emotionally react to things, but…”.  


This is because knowing is not necessarily the same as doing. My coaching approach will help you identify the gap between “knowing” and “doing”, uncover the hidden mind traps and blocks, design ways to hold yourself accountable to initiate the necessary shift, and truly live the values you believe.


Let Go of Past Patterns

“I often get too emotionally influenced when making decisions.”

“I tend to be too conservative when it comes to risk-taking.”

“I’ve been very affected by Imposter Syndrome.”   


Have you been talking about yourself in such a syntax? If so, you have identified a negative behavioral pattern. The pattern seems to have decided to stay around. 

You are the one who implemented such patterns in your life. And you would have done so for a perfect reason. This behavior pattern would have served a particular purpose that benefited you. You subconsciously refuse to let go of it because your brain still remembers its rewards.  


I work with my clients to let go of old behavior patterns and move on to desired behaviors.

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Conflict Management

Do you feel like fleeing the moment you see someone’s name? Or do you often feel angry or frustrated when dealing with someone? There is a great variety of difficult people in life: fast-tempered, uncooperative, criticizing, stubborn, you name it. And the fast-paced environment of the technology industry seems to breed more of these stress-inducing creatures.

Conflict avoidance is common. The capability to handle conflict well is crucial in the highly competitive work today, to defend our interests, build relationships, and most importantly, gain the recognition we deserve. 


Wellness Coaching

We often hear the words “Burnout“, “Exhausted“, and “Work-life-Balance“. Yet many people complain that they are unable to stop or slow down.

What is making us unable to step on the brake, given that it is our own life’s motor engine? The answer is that we have lost control.

In modern life, our bodies have increasingly become enslaved by our brains, which are prone to manipulations such as achievements, deadlines, and digital distractions. 

Many of us are aware that physical well-being is the soil for mental well-being, which boosts productivity and positivity. But when we lose control, we are as if possessed by something else and do not hear the signals the body has flagged up, or simply choose to ignore even when it is suffering miserably. 

How to regain control and step on the brake? For us to learn to “Slow down”, we first need to learn what “Fast” is to us. What is that we are racing towards, at all cost, and ignoring likely not only our body’s signals but also many other precious things, such as a bird’s chirpy.

The coaching journey is about learning more about oneself and becoming more aware. With clarity, you will learn to go at the right speed and restore balance in your life. 

Make your life’s garden blossom.





It’s unbelievable that someone like you – driven, almost a workaholic, always upbeat with limitless energy – one day can dread getting out of bed for work. A sickeningly indifferent and sluggish feeling takes over you. You witness yourself impatient with easy tasks and not even up for the most attractive opportunity.

The loss of motivation has a name: “burnout.”

I have personally worked with many clients to reset and recharge. Trust me – when you see your life change, you will be so glad that you had sought help. 

Reach out now for help. After all, you are never alone in this life journey.


Navigate Changes

Not only do negative changes impact us. It is human nature to feel safer in a more familiar environment and uneasy when things are ambiguous, whether taking up new responsibility at work, getting retrenched, or working with a new boss.

Uncertainty often embodies both risks and opportunities. We yearn to optimize the situation, size up options, and minimize risk.
Before we can have that knowledge and implement solid action plans, my coaching sessions first focus on how you are experiencing the change. 

When we acknowledge our emotions, we recover part of our thinking capacity amidst the shock of a recent change. Only then we’ll start to know what we don’t know, understand the certainty of uncertainty, and become comfortable with what’s uncomfortable.

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Getting Promotion

Sometimes, we seem to not get the rules of the jungle. Frustration,  self-doubt, and low morale often accompany a missed promotion that we aimed for. 

I support my clients to become a better relationship manager with key stakeholders, a stronger self-advocate, and a smart negotiator for way up in the corporate world. 


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Executive Presence

The board members and C-level Executives sometimes feel like a different species. Many still freak out in the board room even after working with them for many years. Not to mention those who are new to the game and occasionally interact with this caliber.


The executives seem mysterious, unpredictable, and at times volatile. They seem to have a short attention span and minimum appetite for details. At the same time, they are too important to ignore. 


I support my clients to be “seen” by the executives with a favorable impression and work effectively with senior stakeholders through developing self-awareness, confidence, and communication skills.



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Yolanda has delivered 1,000+ hours of coaching for leaders in global organizations like Google, Amazon, HSBC, and JP Morgan. She is also a leadership coach at INSEAD Business School.

The inner work I did with Yolanda feels amazingly refreshing. As if a part of me was just waiting to be acknowledged, and once I did that, it just went away, allowing me to feel confident and light again.

— Laura McKinsey

I must say that guilt has caused more damage to me than procrastination itself. What I really appreciate about working with Yolanda is her sharp reflection and calm guidance, allowing me space to do the work of change. It worked wonders and I didn’t delay a minute to write this comment!

— Amit Chawla

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