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Career Capital Worksheet

“Career capital is the capital that you own and trade with society for money and social status."

Use this worksheet to take stock of the career capital you have, to inspire confidence, write an outstanding resume and perform well at interviews. It is an amazing tool at hand for career transition and job change.

Resume Checklist

“A good resume is not to present who you were, but who you have the potential to become.“

This Checklist is filled with success-proven key principles, less-known tricks, and techniques.

Level up your job search game now!

Interview Preparation Videos

“Tell Me About Yourself“ is arguably the toughest interview question in the world.

It’s because it’s possible to answer this question effectively, only after you have done the entire interview preparation beginning to end (and then reverse to prepare for this very FIRST question). Watch the video to get a full checklist of interview preparation.

I have spent weeks developing these tools, so that you can help yourself in the job search process. All I ask for:

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